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Maybe we should all sit in a circle and play duck-duck-goose to decide who our next president should be. That would make about as much sense as using the electoral fucking college.

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Who the fuck falls for this shit (the copied e-mail below)? Does anybody ever believe this kind of shit?


I regret any initial embarrassment my letter might cause you. I
do not intend to invade your privacy by this mail,I really need
your assistance on this matter.

I am nail c.obbit of the British 4th infantry army division
troops. In retrospect,during our combined forces with the united
states of America army to oust the regime of saddam Hussein in
Iraq,which during one of our routing search of Saddam Hussein
presidential palace in Baghdad, my colleague and I found some
boxes containing million of dollars in saddam Hussein's
presidential palace to the tune of fifteen million
five hundred thousand dollars.($15.5m). After the discovery of
these boxes, my colleague and I carefully removed the boxes to a
safe location and arranged with a security courier firm that
helped us in shipping the boxes out of Iraq to abroad.
Due to the current nature of my job it becomes quite impossible
for my colleague and I to claim this money, hence we seek your
I am therefore asking you to please come to our aid in getting
this money out from the security courier firm for us, for onward
investment of the money into various business as advised by you.
I am contacting you in view of the fact that we will be of great
assistance to each other. You will be adequately compensated for
this.And you are the only i have briefed on this issue at the
I would advise that this matter be treated in confidence. Please
do get in touch with me on receipt of this mail and let me know
your position.My alternative email:major_nobbit@zmail.pt

I look forward to a mutual beneficial relationship.
Major nail c.obbit

Yeah, okay, whatever Major hobbit fuckface.

It is time

My gum is pink and my chair is grey, but I don't care either way.
See the colors of my gum and my chair are about as relevent as whether or not any of the serial adders show up on your friend of list.
And now because of all of the pussy whining from ridiculous assholes who think that the world is over if they do not have control of their friend of lists, the LJ moderators have come up with new ways to combat serial adders when they could be using their time instead to think of more fun and innovative things for LJ.
Thanks pricks. (that message was to all of the pricks out there, if you are not a prick it doesn't apply to you.)

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In honor of me, I am going to go to Sonic and have a hot fudge and strawberry syrup sunday now.
And you should do whatever you want as well. It's okay.